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organic teeth whitening

Our organic teeth whitening service uses a plant-based serum (no harsh chemicals ever), in combination with LED light. Clients achieve an average of 3 shades whiter in one session, without tooth sensitivity! Total process takes 40 minutes.

Red wine, coffee, tea, soda, dark berries, and any dark beverage can wreak havoc upon the vibrancy of your smile. One of the cheapest, simplest, and most natural ways to avoid yellowed or stained teeth is to watch what you eat (and drink). Fascinatingly, tea is arguably the worst culprit for staining teeth.Tea is rich in acid and tannins. The acid helps to erode your tooth enamel. Tannins are a unique plant compound that makes it easier for your teeth to stain. Together, the acid and tannins found in tea work in a double-teaming effort to stain your teeth.

Consider using a straw so you can minimize the exposure that your teeth endure when sipping on iced tea, iced coffee, or any dark beverage.

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Your never fully dressed without a smile

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